Everyone is doing video these days, even people without access to a camera. Because of this, the use and need for stock footage has grown immensely over the last few years. That’s great, what does that mean for you? Well if you’re an aspiring actor, actress, or model then this provides a unique opportunity for you.

We want to work with you!

And not only do we want to collaborate with you, we want to help you build your professional network as well.

There is a very large film industry in the Washington DC and Baltimore area. We understand that for new and emerging talents it may be hard to break into this industry. As a way of promoting a positive and ever expanding network of good hardworking talent, we want to help the community that has helped us so much.

Anyone in this industry will tell you that when it comes to successa lot of hard work is great, but never dispel luck and who you know.

We want to bring together talented young professionals, novices, seasoned veterans, and students. Anyone with a real passion for creative video and photography is welcome. If you have a project you want to collaborate on, we’re open to your ideas. If you want to use the footage or photos we create in your reel or portfolio, no problem. Do you need help with editing a reel? Do you want to be able to meet and network with people getting steady work in the field? Do you want to pick their brain for tips and tricks to getting work and being seen? If you have a real interest in being creative and expanding your network while learning and perfecting your skills, click here to contact us.


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